A Crack in Everything

According to Navajo legend, the loom of blanket weavers is made from earth and sky. Their threads are the silken web of Spider Woman, the deity that marries Heaven and Earth.  The blankets honor beauty and harmony woven together.

Weavers spend weeks recreating this legend, stitching together intricate patterns seen only in their imagination.  The blankets are celebrated as works of art, and yet, when they’re finished, they loosen a few stitches to create a small hole.

Most people would see this as an imperfection, but this tiny hole has a purpose.  It lets the light in and allows Spirit to move freely.  Without it the perfect stitches would smother the Spirit, the light within. We all need light to grow, but sometimes, it’s the imperfections, the cracks and holes that let the light thrive.

I lost my fifteen year old son and sometimes this jagged hole consumes me and I can see only grief and darkness. But there are moments when the light pours in and I know there is something more.  I feel something more. Something holy and wondrous that shimmers with peace and joy.

This is the story of finding that light.